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thiz iz the bezt comment zection ive ever zeen look at it bounce


oh my god everything shakes and moves I love this so much

Great game, love the UI. Played for longer than I'm willing to say haha

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3 Cheetah did amazing with the art!

boring having to click just to have the letters type out suchs a snore fest

You can spam click to get past it in less than 30 seconds, we think the time to click was worth the effect / tutorial

We just updated the game to include a skip to the typing section :)





How you make everything all shakey and wave on the rest of the page!?

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It's custom CSS, you can request access using the itch support page! I can send you the CSS we used for the bouncey comments if you'd like :)

thanks and is it the same process for all the rest of the page?

No, You need to set the animation for every aspect of the page, although its very simple, I can send the full CSS if you'd like! Do you have discord?

Yes i got a discord, but was more interested on how you get access to do it as i was doing research on seting up a nice page


you just email itch support asking for access, and they should give it to you!